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Hey, remember me?? October 23, 2013

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I don’t even want to know when my last post was! I know it’s been forever. At first, I claimed a “free ride” with the new baby. But he’s 10 months old now! (How did that happen??) I’m not sure where time is going. I hardly have time to make a grocery list, let alone do some of the things I love … like blogging!! I haven’t read anyone else’s blog in months either.😦 Worst of all, I have been so inconsistent with German at home😦😦😦 I’m trying to make an effort, but I’m feeling a little lost……….

Aleksander is almost 4 now. His language (in English) is amazing. He’s even starting to read (no pushing on our part – he just can’t be stopped!). So I’m really starting to feel like I’d better do something soon or else he might lose what he’s gotten in the past years. I can tell he’s forgotten plenty of words that he used to know. I don’t want him to lose out on this!

At the same time, I’m overwhelmed by my own lack of language skills. How can it be that I’m having trouble talking to a 4-year-old, when I used to talk about Goethe and Schiller in graduate courses?! Well, clearly I didn’t need the vocabulary of a mother when in grad school🙂 It’s a whole other world I’m in now! So I’m feeling very insecure about my ability to pass on “good” German to my kids. Am I using the right phrase? The right idiom? article? case???

But I think it’s time to just dig in my heels and DO IT.

I know that getting back into the blogging world will be a huge inspiration. It always has been in the past! I’m not sure where I’ll carve out the time to write and read, but I know I will, because I really want to. I’ve decided to pick a time again to speak German with the boys: between Kearnan’s naps, so about 12-2. It’s not much, but at least it’s something. And it includes lunchtime and a naptime for both boys.

The only major problem is that Aleksander is really resisting speaking (or even hearing) German. It breaks my heart to hear him say, “I don’t like German.” :(  I tried insisting that he choose a German book at naptime, but it became a huge battle. I know that if I try to force it, it won’t work. So I’m hoping that by speaking to Kearnan, it will help. I’d also like to try to put up some German print – maybe a calendar? (ideas welcome!) He’s so into reading new words, maybe that will help peak his interest. Not to mention that I’d like him to be able to read in German, too! I’d be grateful for some advice, though, from anyone who has encountered this problem with their kids!!

Okay, I’m not even going to proofread (gaaaaaah!) – I’m just going to post this and hope it’s the beginning of my reentry into the bilingual blogging world!!


3 Responses to “Hey, remember me??”

  1. Tracey Says:

    Great to see you back!! I´ve also not been blogging much recently as I´m also finding it hard to find the time and I only have one child at the mo so I totally understand you!! Just keep at it is the only advice I can give you….I´m sure Aleksander will come around to German eventually!!; )

    • KateR Says:

      Hi Tracey! Thanks for catching up with me😉 It’s great to hear from you! Glad to hear you are keeping up with English, too, even if you aren’t blogging as much about it🙂 Nice to be in touch again!!😀

  2. Welcome back to your space. It’s crazy how busy life can get. You’ll get back to speaking German to your boys I’m sure. It’s still been my intention to get my daughter in a bilingual pre school, we’ve just not gotten around to it.

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